The Mothership has not landed yet.
So, what to do with your time?
One may pause, contemplatively hold moments or hasten checklessly forward.
At one point you Strip back the surface reflecting on hours, days, weeks …
wondering about sense, of all that Fire on Ice Cubes.
Is it the Kiss before Dying?
No – it’s just a Funny Future Past, because nothing’s gonna come easy.
Our remembrance sways like seaweed on spume, restoring oneself as particle of a universal swoosh.
But consciousness feeds belief & vice versa.
Belief is what points directly on the hiatus between Is and Ought.
Therefore Chase Insteadman keep hold of their credo : Hit the Floor & Funk it up all week.
Do You Think You’re Ready for The Brasher?

Chase Insteadman is: Astroquirl (dr), Hatsone (git), JP (vox), BO of Bassness (bg).