Finally here is a first preview of our 6 track album being out – after a silly delay – this year. We did the recordings in July 2012 together w/ Mr. Jkell assisting the production. The digital version will be a long EP whereas the vinyl is a 30 minutes mini-album w/ some special tracks and stuff that can be preordered at Bandcamp by late 2012. Get the chunk up!

Thanks to Mr. Lethem for inspiration, conspiracy and disclosing truth. Thanks to Frank and Sabine at Roskow music camp station, and thanks to our friends, brothers & sisters. Produced by Chase Insteadman, Bert Offermann and Mr. Jkell. Cover art by Piotr Lizinski.

Lyrics (click song to open:)

Chase Insteadman
Humble Look Back
Zero Hero

Release Note:
Digital release in early 2013 at Bandcamp and download stores worldwide. Vinyl release in 2013.